Analysis of Technical Schemes of Medium Wire Cutting Machines


Analysis of Technical Schemes of Medium Wire Cutting Machines

Guidance: Whether the wire-moving machine tool can gain the recognition from customers and the market is mainly whether its long-term stability and reliability can be guaranteed, but it is indeed difficult to make the wire-moving machine tool stable and reliable in the long-term. It is somewhat more difficult than making slow wires.

In the use of wire-moving machine tools, there are long-standing problems such as unreliability and instability. Suzhou Hanqi uses its unique manufacturing method to organically apply the characteristics of the slow-going machine tool to the wire-moving machine tool. Solved the unreliability and instability of the long-term use of wire-drawing machine tools in the industry.

1, base

The traditional middle wire machine uses a "strip" bed base. When the workbench moves in the left and right direction, there will be 1/3 of the machine's base. When the workpiece is processed to both sides, the worktable has a “warp head” tendency, and the long-term use accuracy cannot be guaranteed.

Suzhou Hanqi uses the "T" type (slow wire machine) structural fuselage base. The table does not leave the base when moving in the left-right direction. Greatly increased long-term use of high stability.

2, machine tool structure

The traditional middle wire machine tool adopts the fast-moving “tuning fork” machine tool structure, and the rigidity of the machine tool is poor.

Suzhou Han Qi used the integral casting to cast the “C” machine structure, and the overall stability of the machine tool was fully guaranteed.

3, the lower arm side and the machine connection

The conventional middle wire machine tool uses the conventional connection method on the side of the lower arm side and the machine tool connection. When the core of the material slams down the arm several times, the lower arm is easy to sink and deform, and the long-term use accuracy cannot be guaranteed.

Suzhou Hanchi connects the machine tool to the side of the lower arm. In addition to the conventional installation of two screws and two positioning pins, Hankie uses a unique installation method. In front of the lower arm and the column, a second reinforcement screw is added to increase the lower position. The stability and high rigidity of the arm have once again improved the precision and stability of the machine.

4, fixed

When the conventional middle wire machine tool is fixed, the UV axis and the upper arm are fixed, and the upper arm and the column are fixed, so that the stability of the upper guide wheel at high speed is greatly reduced.

Suzhou Hanqi fixed the UV axis and the monolithic casting bed as a whole by means of a linear guideway, which greatly increased the stability of the upper guide pulley at high speed.

5, UV axis

The conventional medium-threading machine's UV axis and the upper guide wheel follow the upper cantilever, which itself is a structure of fast-moving wire. Poor stability, commutating stripes are heavy.

Suzhou Hanqi's UV axis is fixed, and the upper eyelid can automatically close to the workpiece surface during processing (structure of the wire walking machine), so that the upper and lower eye masks place the workpiece in the middle position, greatly improving the flatness of the large plane ( 0.003mm / height 40mm) and long-term maintenance. This indicator does not compare favorably with Hankichi.

The high-precision large-area guide wheel base (datum surface) is fixed to the body by four screws, which greatly improves the guide wheel's installation accuracy, guide wheel's high-speed running accuracy and guide wheel's service life (up to more than one year).

6, mechanical transmission

When the traditional wire moving machine is transported, the screw and the bed are separated and the high precision cannot be guaranteed.

The connection method of the screw and motor of Suzhou Hanqi and the fastening method of the screw and the fuselage are the same as the manufacturing technology of the wire walking machine, which lays the foundation for obtaining the machining accuracy and positioning accuracy of the wire walking. To ensure the high precision of the machine during transportation, it is not necessary to disengage the screw from the bed.

7, the wire

The traditional medium-threading machine adopts a unilateral tensioning mechanism, which is easy to form unilateral loose wire, and molybdenum wire is easy to beat.

Suzhou Hanqi uses a two-way spring automatic tightening device to realize real-time tracking of the tightness of molybdenum wire. The service life of molybdenum wire is greatly improved, and the possibility of molybdenum wire jumping is solved at the same time.

8, environmental protection

Because of the adoption of the structure of fast-moving machine tool in the traditional middle wire machine tool, the surrounding environment of the machine tool cannot be guaranteed, the oil path cannot be recovered, and the periphery of the machine tool is dirty.

Suzhou Hanqi adopts a waterproof and oil-repellent fuselage structure with slow walking wire. The excess rail oil can be reasonably recycled to ensure that the surrounding area of ​​the machine tool is clean and free from contamination. To lay the foundation for 5S or 6S management.

9, filtration system

The traditional medium-spinning machine adopts single-layer filtration, and the working fluid has a short service life and is not completely filtered, and the impurities in the cutting fluid are likely to cause secondary discharges with the workpiece after use for a long time.

Suzhou Hanchi's slow-moving-water tank filtration structure and multi-layered water filtration device have greatly improved the working fluid's use time (up to several months). The cutting fluid is filtered more thoroughly to prevent the formation of secondary discharges from the impurities in the cutting fluid and the workpiece, which affects the cutting quality and greatly improves the high-precision and high-quality finish of the machined workpiece surface.

10, electronic control

The traditional medium-threading machine adopts the following P4 model computer control, and the processing speed is slow. At present, this type of computer has been discontinued, and the market is rebuilt with no reliability. Subsequent maintenance and repair cannot be guaranteed in the long term. Use a normal display.

Suzhou Hanqi's electronic control system uses 85% of its components in international first-line brands to ensure the reliability of long-term use of four-core fanless industrial control computer, the operation speed is extremely fast, the processing of complex parts has more advantages, the program processing unlimited ( Software developed under DOS does not have this feature). Industrial grade display. Hanksch pays attention to detail and each wire is soldered.

Source: Suzhou Hanqi CNC Equipment Co., Ltd.

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