Application of dual-use technology of ash warehouse in filling process optimization


1 mine background

Shandong Gold Group Island Gold is located in Laizhou City, Shandong Province Industrial Park, the production capacity of 8000t / d, the domestic gold mining enterprises the highest level of mechanization of underground mining mine, a large fracture zone altered rock type gold first discovered Mineral deposit. Because the scope of operation involves submarine mining, and the surface of the residential area is not allowed to fall, and so on, the mining method is used to alternately ascend the mechanized panel upper filling method and the mechanized ascending upward horizontal stratification filling method [1]. The filling is carried out in two ways: full tail sand filling and cement filling . With the increase of mining depth and the increase of production capacity, the required cementing filling volume has also increased greatly. The cementing filling capacity of the original filling station can no longer meet the requirements of underground filling, affecting the normal operation of underground filling production, and cannot guarantee the underground charging. Balance, how to solve the problem of cement filling is imminent [2-4].

2 ash warehouse dual-use technical solutions and equipment transformation
2.1 Gray warehouse dual-use technical solution
Sanjiadao Xinli Mining Area 8000t filling station is equipped with 4 sets of filling and mixing system. Before the process optimization, the 3# and 4# systems contain sand bins, mixing drums and ash silos, which can not only fill the whole tail but also make cement filling, 1# 2# system contains sand bins, mixing drums, no ash bins, only full tail filling, can not be used for cement filling [5]. The ash bin dual-use technology proposed in this paper is to add one side ash ash on the wall of the ash cone bucket under the cement tank of the existing 3# filling system, and use 2 screw conveyors to transport the cement relay to 1# and 3# filling. The system's mixing tank realizes a ash silo and transports cement to both agitating tanks. The ash transformation system involves the main equipments such as screw conveyor, gate valve, pulse bag filter, punching flowmeter, etc. At the same time, in order to ensure the smoothing of the ashing process, it is necessary to install the rapping equipment on the wall of the cement silo; In order to ensure that the amount of ash in the new cementation filling system can meet the cement filling requirements, the maximum ash volume of the screw conveyor should be no less than 30t/h. The process of modifying the system is shown in the dotted line in Figure 1.

2.2 Gray warehouse dual-use technical equipment transformation
(1) Screw conveyor. Taking into account the space layout and actual transformation needs, a single-tube screw conveyor is used, and the cement passes through the newly added side ash port of the cement tank of the 3# filling system, and is transported to the flowmeter through the newly arranged screw conveyor, and then flows through the punching plate. The amount of ash is measured and finally delivered to the 1# mixing tank. It is determined that the maximum speed of the feeder is 63r/min, and the amount of ash reaches 33.6t/h, which fully meets the maximum ash volume of 30t/h required by the filling station.
(2) Pulse bag filter. Since the pulse bag filter used in the 1# mixing drum and the 3# mixing drum is far away, the dust removal effect of the original dust collector does not meet the dust removal requirements. Therefore, it is necessary to add a pulse bag filter to the 1# mixing drum. It is determined that the newly added pulse bag filter in the modified ash system uses DMC (A)-32 pulse bag filter, and the power is 1.5 kW.
(3) Punching flowmeter. According to the arrangement of the newly added screw conveyor, it is necessary to arrange a flow meter under the discharge port to monitor the amount of ash, and then transport the cement to the 1# mixing tank, and use a punching flow meter in the newly added ash system.
(4) Rapping device. Taking into account the phenomenon that the ash under the cement silo often has poor ash, the program determines to use the CZ800 warehouse wall rapper to ensure the smooth operation of the ash.
(5) Automation control. An automatic control system has been set up at the 8000t filling station in Sanlidao Xinli Mining Area. The ash transformation system belongs to the expansion part of the existing automation control system. It is necessary to add corresponding control cabinets, PLC modules, and cabinet components to realize the seamless connection between the ash transformation system and the original system. The specific transformation contents include: configuration and debugging of the upper computer screen, programming of the PLC program, and debugging of the control system. The control system shall realize on-line detection of the ash flow, automatic control of the ash volume, increase of the start-stop control and condition monitoring of the equipment, and interlock control of the ash and dust removal system.
3 technical indicators and economic benefits
3.1 Technical indicators
Through the system transformation, the 1# filling system can realize the cementing filling function. During the single commissioning, the punching flowmeter has been calibrated 4 times with an accuracy of ±1% to meet the requirements of field work; 2 screw feeders feed the relay When approaching the power frequency, the instantaneous flow rate can reach 40t/h, which satisfies the requirements of the existing maximum filling ratio, and the lower ash flow rate and frequency linearity are better and can be accurately controlled. Meet the filling production needs, and finally achieve a safe and efficient automatic filling control mode to reduce the labor intensity of workers. Through the technical transformation of the ash silo, it is optimized and upgraded under the original conditions, which not only meets the production needs but also saves the cost. Table 1 compares the technical parameters before and after the transformation:

3.2 Economic benefits
According to the increase of cement filling capacity of 400m3 per day, the daily mining volume is increased by 140t, and the annual new ore production is 50,000t. According to the gold content per ton of gold, the average price per gram of gold is 245 yuan, and the annual new output value is 24.5 million yuan. 200 yuan calculation, the annual new profit of 14.5 million yuan; at the same time reduce the investment cost of building a gray warehouse of 1 million yuan, the application of gray warehouse dual-use technology in the Sanshan Island gold mine has achieved good economic benefits.
4 Conclusion
The Sanshandao Gold Mine has solved the technical problems of unbalanced mining and charging through the dual-use technology modification of the ash silo, and at the same time realized the cost saving and efficiency growth, and achieved obvious economic benefits, which has a good application effect, and A solid and powerful step towards achieving the goal of a green mine. At the same time, it has played a demonstration role for filling problems in similar conditions.
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        Author: Sun Ming Chun, Zhao Shuyao, Liu Guangcheng, Zhao Chunlong, Zhao AlliedSignal; Shandong Gold Mining Co., Ltd. Island Gold, Shandong Laizhou City, 261,442;
        Source: Mining Technology: 2016.16(1);

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