Blue Card Intelligent Parking Management System Related Matters


Blue Card smart parking management system is hot in recent years, is a close and unattended parking fee system, can completely replace the previous vehicle access parking lot needs parking card, card management mode. Compared to other systems such as Bluetooth cards, IC/ID cards, etc. have many advantages. A large part of the cost is saved in the number of equipment and labor costs, and there is no need for the vehicle to park and pick up cards and swipe cards. The problem of congestion at the entrance and exit of vehicles will be greatly reduced.
Blue Card Intelligent Parking Management System It works in order to better grasp the dynamics of the dealers, and the static vehicle number to shoot, according to the color of the license plate for automatic identification. The core of this license plate recognition technology is to carry out a series of processing on the license plate to carry out positioning algorithm, character segmentation algorithm, character recognition algorithm and so on. The license plate recognition system can automatically detect the vehicle and identify the license plate.
1. After understanding its advantages, we must consider the quality, quotation, reliability, and specific equipment parameters of our products when purchasing. It is very important to choose a company with a high credit rating.
2. We must also understand your own situation in the early stage. It is a few entrances and exits to install the equipment. It is to renovate or re-install. Whether the previous equipment can be used or not, reinstalling must take into account the location of the cement island, the position of the booth, and the location of the wiring equipment. . If it is an old equipment upgrade is simpler. Only need to update the camera, Daozha and its software.
3. After finding a reliable company, the technical staff will go to the site for reference, measure the size according to site conditions, produce construction drawings and equipment installation plans, calculate equipment breakdowns, project quotations, and what functions of the equipment style will be implemented.

Blue Card Intelligent Parking Management System Market Outlook
With the continuous innovation of parking lot management system technology, the original card management mode can no longer meet the user's requirements. The emergence of high-definition video capture technology in the industry has just made up for this vacancy. Most of the traditional parking lots use near-distance card reading methods. Hand-drawing and swiping cards are liable to cause accidents such as slipping and collision. The parking card is a kind of consumables, and it is necessary to add purchases at a later stage. It also involves economic disputes caused by lost or bad cards. The use of license plate recognition as the leading intelligent vehicle management system eliminates this phenomenon.
The high-definition license plate recognition system mainly adopts license plate recognition technology to realize the recognition of the information of the vehicle license plate entering and exiting the vehicle. Each vehicle entering or exiting the parking lot has an image matching, and the system software calculates the charging amount according to the charging plan and displays it on the export display screen. When the vehicle enters or exits, it can stop without stopping.
Blue Card Intelligent Parking Management System has been focusing on license plate recognition for more than ten years. It has transplanted the recognition technology of expressway bayonet to the parking lot management. The license plate recognition system introduced has a compact structure, powerful functions and low failure rate. Various use requirements in parking management.
The license plate recognition system uses a unique neuron identification technology to automatically extract the license plate number to confirm the identity, and achieve many functions such as automatic registration, automatic comparison, automatic billing, automatic release, and automatic monitoring.

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