Chinese equipment industry upgrade


The change from "Made in China" to "Building in China" has sincerely reflected the shift in the attitude of China and the international division of labor. Nowadays, China’s export commodities are “from light to heavy” and technological content is “from low to high”. The total export volume is more than half of that of ASEAN, Argentina, Australia and the United States.

According to RIA Novosti, "(China) exports of consumer goods will not disappear, but it is already a glory of the past." Equipment manufacturing represented by high-speed rail and nuclear power will help build the future of China's economy.

Li Keqiang, Premier of the State Council, pointed out recently that accelerating the “going global” of Chinese equipment and promoting international capacity cooperation is an important measure for realizing the upgrading and efficiency upgrading of China’s economy, which is conducive to nurturing new advantages in opening to the outside world and promoting the formation of a new type of open economy. The pattern has deeply integrated the Chinese economy and the world economy at a higher level.

Specifically, equipment "going out" will force companies to improve their competitiveness. By supporting the "going out" of Chinese equipment, allowing Chinese companies to compete in the international market with advanced technology and powerful multinational companies on the same platform will force companies to continuously improve their technology, quality and service levels, and improve their overall quality and competitiveness. force.

Equipment "going out" will help optimize and upgrade domestic industries. Taking high-speed railway as an example, the high-speed rail industry involves high-tech industries such as metallurgy, machinery, construction, rubber, electric power, information, computers and precision instruments. Going out of the high-speed railway will certainly drive the development of a number of high-tech industries and promote the transformation and upgrading of China's industrial structure.

There is an urgent need to embark on "going global" or promote export upgrades. At present, China’s exports still have competitive advantages, but with the changes in the conditions of labor resources and other factors, the traditional industries’ competitive advantage is weakening. At the same time, equipment manufacturing is gradually becoming an important growth point for China's exports. In 2014, exports accounted for 17% of all product export revenues.

China's supply benefits the world At present, China's equipment has comprehensive comparative advantages in terms of price, quality, technology, and ancillary services, and can meet the needs of many countries for infrastructure construction and industrialization. Huang Bin, director of the China Research Office of the Thai think tank Kai Tai Research Center, citing examples, said that China’s railway is cost-effective, and railway technology has the advantage of being able to absorb the advantages of public homes. The equipment is very complete, and the construction and operation of high-speed railways under different geological conditions and climatic environments experience of.

Some observers pointed out that Chinese railway equipment has both competitive opportunities in both developed and developing countries. The former’s current financial situation is tight, and it prefers to select “China Construction” with high quality and low price when updating old infrastructure facilities. The latter has weak infrastructure and urgent need for railway as a development bond, but with limited financial resources, it will also give priority to the introduction of cost-effective “ Chinese goods."

Premier Li Keqiang pointed out that many countries have great demand for infrastructure construction and industrialization, supporting Chinese equipment “going global” and promoting international capacity cooperation, facilitating the development of related countries, and cooperating with developed countries in China to develop third-party markets. Create more opportunities.

Some analysts believe that from an industrial perspective, Chinese enterprises can help the host country to form the comparative advantages of industrial clusters by optimizing its industrial system through “going global”, which in turn will drive local economic development and industrial upgrading, and help relevant countries to further attract international investment. , thus forming a virtuous cycle.

From the financial perspective, China’s capital needs to expand internationally, while developing countries have limited financial resources and are in a fit-for-all situation. In addition, China's external capacity cooperation can also be combined with existing local resources, talent reserves, and government development strategies. It is a mutually beneficial and win-win feasible model.

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta visited the Mombasa-Nairobi railway track laying trial conducted by China Road and Bridge Co., Ltd. this year and said that the Mongolian railway will increase the annual economic growth rate of Kenya from 5.8% to 8%. And create tens of thousands of jobs to lead Kenya’s economic transformation.

Today, on a global scale, the upsurge of a new round of infrastructure construction and international capacity cooperation is on the rise, and it has gradually become an important measure for many countries to promote economic development, reduce poverty, and improve people's livelihood. This aspect provides an important opportunity for Chinese equipment to “go global”; on the other hand, it also provides a stage for deep integration and mutual benefit between the Chinese economy and the world economy at a higher level.

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