Corrosive media and flow meter


Will highly corrosive media damage the mass flow meter? Many companies using mass flow meters will ask this question. Here, Tianchen vPro tells you that highly corrosive media can damage mass flow meters. The highly corrosive nature of the medium is a serious threat to flowmeters. Only individual types of flowmeters, such as high corrosion-resistant flowmeters, are less susceptible to corrosion. Take a look at the following specific analysis.

a. Highly corrosive media corrodes key components that are in direct contact with the media, causing damage and loss of functionality. For example, the highly corrosive medium causes the diaphragm of the differential pressure transmitter to be damaged, and the silicone oil leaks completely and fails completely. Electromagnetic flowmeter electrode due to high corrosion caused by the media leakage, resulting in the excitation line outer ring burned.

b. The critical components of the flowmeter are subject to corrosion by highly corrosive media for a long time, which changes the geometric dimensions, resulting in a decrease in the accuracy of the instrument. For example, after the rotor in the rotameter is corroded by a fluid, the external dimensions are reduced, resulting in a low value of the flowmeter. In another example, the vortex generating body in the vortex flowmeter is corroded by the fluid and the width dimension is reduced, and the surface of the inflow surface becomes rough, thereby causing the flow coefficient to change. Even clamped ultrasonic flowmeters, which are less affected by high corrosive media, are often pitted by corroded media on the inner wall of the metal tube, weakening the transmitted and received signals, and losing sensitivity when severe.

c., shorten the life of the flowmeter. For example, parts such as tapered tubes in metal tube rotameters were worn after being used for several years.

d. Leakage of highly corrosive media can easily lead to safety and personal accidents if it is not discovered and treated in time.

Tianchen Brace's mass flowmeters have anti-corrosive capabilities and cannot measure highly corrosive media. The material of Tianchen Borui mass flowmeter is 316L stainless steel. If it is used for a long time to measure highly corrosive media, it will also damage the mass flowmeter itself.

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