Crane operation precautions


For the majority of our masters who are driving cranes , for their most important point, they must operate the crane safely to operate. This is a responsible expression of both others and self. So what are the precautions about crane operations? Xiao Bian talked about specific issues for everyone.


First of all, a small crane should not be hanging on its side and should be lifted vertically. At the same time, when lifting an item, be sure to observe the situation in each direction from front to back, left and right, and confirm the operation before proceeding. When heavy items leave the ground, people in the vicinity should immediately move away so as to avoid accidents caused by falling heavy objects. Of course, people are also forbidden to stand in narrow places such as wall roots. Because the weight swings back and forth in the air, the broad space is safer for us.

Of course, we must also pay attention to the fact that when a heavy object approaches the rated load, it should be done after a small height and short stroke of the trial crane, and then lifting it up smoothly. This is a better choice.

In addition, in order to reduce the swing and impact of the crane , we must stabilize the speed of lifting. This kind of safety is relatively high. At the same time, it should be firmly secured when it is bundled, and it is necessary to install protection facilities at the sharp corners of the object. This is very necessary. In addition, when the crane's track is near the end, it must be run slowly. The more important thing is that it is forbidden to hang in the air for a long time to prevent permanent deformation of the parts. At the same time, we must always observe whether the hook of the small crane is directly above the suspension. Pay attention to whether or not there are other people near the suspended load in the operation to prevent unnecessary accidents.

The above are some notes on the operation of cranes, hoping to arouse the attention of our friends. At the same time, for those professionals who are driving cranes, special attention must be paid to how to operate safely. This is a responsibility for oneself and for the lives of others.

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