Dongfeng Dana Axle Launches "Safety and Environmental Protection Month" Campaign


With the theme of "Scientific Development, Safe Development, Green Consumption, and Focus on Action", Dongfeng Dana Axle Co., Ltd. has recently launched the "Safety and Environmental Protection Month" campaign. Through a variety of activity forms, safety precautions have been popularized among all employees. , Incident emergency, environmental protection, knowledge of energy conservation and emission reduction, and the new requirements for the "Occupational Disease Prevention Law," will make "trusted" become a common action of all employees and promote the smooth achievement of annual safety, environmental protection and energy conservation goals.

It is reported that Dongfeng Dana Axle Co., Ltd. will focus on the activities of the “Safety and Environmental Protection Month” campaign, such as the Safety Production Accident Education Week, the Energy Saving Awareness Week, and the Emergency Preparedness Exercise Week.

The first is to organize and carry out reflection discussions on typical accidents, hold accident case exhibitions, and broadcast accident warning education films to further improve the staff's self-prevention awareness and risk aversion ability.

The second is to actively promote the achievements and experiences of energy saving and emission reduction of this unit over the years, and actively promote the concept of green production and low carbon development. Combined with the peak power situation in summer, we will strengthen orderly use of electricity, encourage energy conservation, advocate green consumption, and practice conservation operations.

The third is to carry out various types of emergency drills to improve the ability of employees to avoid risks and to examine the actual role of various types of emergency plans.

The fourth is to launch a conference on safety and environmental protection energy improvement issues, demonstrate the achievements of the company's various units in safety and environmental protection energy, and promote and exchange excellent safety, environmental protection, occupational health, and energy conservation and emission reduction methods and measures for all units.

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