Entering Southeast Asia Shantui full hydraulic bulldozer to add new color


Recently, the Southeast Asian market has received a good news. The all-hydraulic super-wet bulldozer DH17 C2 LGP and the loader SL30WN have been placed on the market. This is the first time that the Shantui DH17 C2 LGP bulldozer has achieved a breakthrough in the Singapore market. All equipment has been shipped.

超湿地型DH17C2 LGP系列推土机
Super wet type DH17C2 LGP series bulldozer

The ultra-wet type DH17C2 LGP series is a new type of full-hydraulic bulldozer developed by Shantui for the high-end market. It uses the Weichai Guosan engine and has the advantages of high operating efficiency, environmental protection and energy saving. Singapore is a highly competitive market with strict requirements on product quality and emission standards. The Southeast Asia business unit closely follows the company's pace, focusing on the “high, low, fast and full” clerk principle, focusing on the regional high-end market, actively promoting Shantui's new hydraulic bulldozers, and using the brand advantage to recommend Shantui's full range of products to customers. Diversified sales of Shantui products.

In the follow-up, the Southeast Asian business department will continue to adhere to the sales spirit of “everything is contending, not to be allowed”, relying on the strong Shantui brand as the backing, competing with competitors on the same stage, with the principle of “customer satisfaction is our aim”. Do a good job in customer service support and contribute to the company's development. (This article is from Shantui)

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