Experimental report on Ankang Ziyang vanadium-titanium magnetite


V-Ti deposit hydrangea magnet Han River located deep in the northern edge of the fracture, genesis type is a deep portion of the magma yl shaped deposit. The main metal ore mineral ilmenite, magnetite, titanium, a small amount of pyrite, pyrrhotite, brass ore; gangue minerals pyroxene, plagioclase, hornblende, containing titanium Yuanmu, meteorite, etc. The ore contains TFe15.62%, TiO2 6.5%, S 0.33%, V2O5 0.14%, and Co 0.02%. Among them, iron and titanium are the main elements of this test. Cobalt is mainly present in pyrite and reaches a comprehensive recovery grade; vanadium exists in the ilmenite and titanomagnetite in the same form as the isomorphism.

The principle process used in this test is: flotation-magnetic separation-re-election combined process. Firstly, cobalt and sulfur are floated to obtain qualified cobalt-sulfur concentrate; flotation tailings are obtained by a coarse-wet weak-weak magnetic separation to obtain vanadium-iron concentrate; magnetic separation tailings are re-elected (shaker) to select ferrotitanium The mine uses three kinds of process schemes to obtain titanium concentrates for comparison. The main technical indicators of the test are: cobalt-sulfur concentrate: yield 1.01%, sulfur grade 24.98%, sulfur recovery rate 84.7%; cobalt grade 0.23%, cobalt recovery rate 11.53%; vanadium iron concentrate: yield 9.77%, iron grade 56.0%, iron recovery rate of 34.43%, vanadium grade 0.51%, and hydrazine recovery rate of 34.44%. The yield of titanium concentrate obtained by the magnetic tail grade shaker process scheme is 14.67%, the grade of titanium dioxide is 16.17%, and the recovery rate of titanium is 38.24%. The yield of titanium concentrate obtained by the magnetic tail regrind non-grading shaker process scheme was 7.27%, the titanium grade was 23.6%, and the titanium recovery rate was 26.94%. The yield of titanium concentrate obtained by the magnetic tail non-grading direct shaker process scheme is 13.48%, the grade of titanium dioxide is 15.0%, and the recovery rate of titanium is 29.11%. Under the condition of grinding fineness of 70%-200 mesh, wet weak magnetic separation and magnetic separation tailings were re-elected. The iron concentrate obtained by the experiment was investigated to contain 42.89% iron, 25.83% TiO2, and the iron content was 51.94. %, titanium concentrate containing 37.8% of titanium, the recovery rate of titanium is 22%.

Working principle:

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