FAW-Volkswagen to Promote Energy-Saving Technology for Domestic Blue Drive Next Year


The Volkswagen, which is winning on the market with the TSI+DSG power combination, has once again upgraded its energy-saving technologies. Su Weiming, executive vice president of VW China, revealed that next year FAW-Volkswagen will introduce blue-light technology models.

Su Weiming said that the Volkswagen brand will introduce blue-wheel drive models to the Chinese market in 2012, Start-Stop (Start-Stop System), and Recuporation (Brake Energy Recovery System) will be equipped in Volkswagen's domestic models. This is followed by the two core technologies TSI and DSG that introduced the Blue Drive technology series in 2007. The public will bring more energy-efficient technologies to China.

It is understood that the first domestic model is the golf blue drive launched by FAW-Volkswagen, this auto show debut its 1.4T models, the car's fuel consumption is reduced to 4.9 liters per hundred kilometers, while the future FAW-Volkswagen will also make 1.2T engine.

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