FDA approves new prosthetics for life


After years of experimentation, the FDA approved a new type of prosthesis today, and its manufacturers claim that control will bring a whole new level to amputees. Known as the Luke arm or DEKA arm system, the inventor, Dean Carmen, has been involved in the development of existing prosthetic limbs. It can simultaneously understand multiple commands and wear it to the "near nature" control limb. This is manifested in the embedded breakthrough, testing shows that the wearer can go back and perform tasks like using keys and locks, combing their hair, removing paper from envelopes, or picking up an egg without breaking it.

Another victory here is its approved (relative) speed. Fast Tracking In the FDA's 'newborn' classification process, funded projects have gone from idea to market ready for eight years. The report said that government agencies have proposed $40 million to help develop the device, which is modular enough to satisfy anyone who has any degree of loss, from hand to complete limb. Far beyond the metal hook that has been widely installed to those with upper limb amputation, it is battery powered, "similar" in size and weight to a natural limb with six different grips. It can identify up to 10 specific actions.

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