Four major categories of video surveillance security equipment installation details


The good installation and security of security monitoring equipment is an important guarantee for the safe operation of the machine. The entire monitoring security system occupies too many of us in the initial period of supplier selection, plan fixing, bargaining approval and product arrival and installation. The energies, post-installation is basically ignored, similar to the process after the disregard of the endless stream of front-end efforts to buy back the product, in the last branch did not make a good pass, and reduced the service life, can not achieve the desired results, the total complained about the camera The quality of the manufacturers does not attach importance to the maintenance and protection issues in the later period.

Common installation details of security equipment:
First, the installation of the monitor 1, the monitor installation should be solid and stable, good ventilation and heat dissipation.
2. The monitor should be installed so that the screen is not exposed to direct light from the outside. When there is unavoidable light, light shielding measures should be taken.
3. The adjustment knobs of the monitor shall be exposed in a convenient position and a protective cover may be added.

Second, the installation of the console 1, the console installation of the entire table should be vertical and stable, the equipment components inside the cabinet should be positioned and reinforced after the rack, equipment installation should be solid, upright.
2. All fixing screws, washers and spring washers should be sturdy as required and must not be missed.
3, according to the cabinet, console and other equipment in the corresponding position, set the cable slot and inlet hole, the cable bending radius should be greater than 10 times the cable diameter.
4. The connectors and equipment in the console or rack are reliable, and the installation is firm without distortion.
5, the laying of the cable at both ends to leave a proper margin, and marked a clear permanent mark for easy maintenance and management.
6. The control room of a large security monitoring system shall be provided with an anti-static raised floor.

Third, the camera installation l, before installation, should be energized to detect whether the camera and lens work properly and make coarse adjustments and back focus adjustment, the camera and lens are in normal working condition before installation.
2. Check the horizontal and vertical rotation angles of the PTZ, check the fastening of the protective cover and the action of the wiper, and check the installation dimensions of the PTZ and the bracket.
3. During the process of moving and erecting the camera, the lens cap must not be opened.
4. The installation of cameras and heads should be firm and stable. The power supply, video cable, and control cable should all be fixed, and there is room for it so as not to affect the rotation of the camera.
5, after the initial installation, the power to try, carry out the fine wind inspection of the various functions, observe the image quality of the surveillance area, meet the requirements before fixing.

Fourth, the installation of alarm detectors l, alarm detectors should be installed in accordance with the location selected by the construction drawings, such as the installation site or barrier areas (such as: ventilation ducts, industrial pipelines, office furniture, etc.), the detector should be properly exchanged Type (such as ceiling exchange wall or wall exchange ceiling). If the distance from the detector to the defense zone is too large to meet the requirements of the zone, the design should be modified to increase the number of detectors.
2. After the detector is installed, it must detect whether the scope of the defense area meets the design requirements. If the scope of the defense area fails to meet the design requirements, the angle and direction of the detector should be properly adjusted. After the adjustment, the design requirements cannot be met. The design should be modified. Or increase the detector.

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