"God teammates" group CP, what kind of support will Ankang provide for Jianghuai?


In December 2018, when Cummins and Jianghuai Automobile established a 50:50 peer-to-peer joint venture to establish Anhui Cummins , it represented that the two "God Team Friends" will form the CP with the most potential in the domestic light truck industry. On August 22, 2019, the “light wins, core change upgrade” campaign sponsored by Jianghuai Automobile brought the matching degree between the CPs to a new level, and the potential of the CP also began to show off. .
Jianghuai "light wins, change core upgrade" test drive activity Jianghuai "light wins, change core upgrade" test drive activity

Group CP, both open and inclusive

From the theme of this part of the “Changing the Core Upgrade”, we can clearly see that the Jianghuai Light Truck will be injected into the new powertrain of Ankang. With an inclusive and open mind, Jianghuai has prepared for a long time in the early stage of matching with Ankang.

The premise of supporting power is that both parties need to build a good cooperation environment. Bai Yuan, general manager of Anhui Cummins, told the China Truck Network reporter: “At the beginning, when Jianghuai matched Ankang products, the close cooperation between Ankang and Jianghuai Technology Center and Engineering Institute was very good, ensuring a better vehicle and engine. Matching. Cummins also sent hundreds of people to Ankang to support R&D. It is hoped that the strength of Ankang products will be rapidly improved during the transition period between China and China. From the communication between the two sides, Jianghuai is willing to learn new things, including Cummins. The quality standard Jianghuai is also very willing to accept. For the cooperation of each other, Jianghuai's senior leadership has given a high degree of support. This open and inclusive mechanism also ensures the success of the product."

Bai Yuan, General Manager of Anhui Cummins Bai Yuan, General Manager of Anhui Cummins

“The excellence of a product is mainly reflected in the matching between the vehicle and the power system. Ankang is currently only focusing on the light commercial vehicle engine, and has spent a lot of energy on product development, manufacturing, quality, etc. With the accurate matching with Jianghuai, this rejuvenation activity is carried out around Ankang Power, which is a good proof that the two sides have achieved cooperation results." Baiyuan added.

Supporting products, Ankang and Jianghuai team "up"

In recent years, Jianghuai Automobile is working on the brand's upward trend, and only with the quality partners to form a CP can achieve a win-win situation. With the upgrade of domestic regulations and changes in market demand, Jianghuai Automobile has been thinking about how to enhance its core competitiveness in terms of vehicle and power matching.

After the birth of Ankang, in the face of the Jianghuai brand upward concept, Ankang is building support from all levels of the product to achieve further development between the CP.

In response to regulatory upgrades and industry demand, Ankang has undergone a comprehensive upgrade on the production line, adding automation equipment to the production line. For example, the measurement of clearance and torque is changed from manual operation to equipment measurement; piston, connecting rod, bearing bush and other parts of the engine that require relatively high cleanliness are automatically captured and assembled by equipment; engine peripheral parts are newly added. A closed black light detection darkroom is used for photographing to check whether components such as hoses and steel pipes are assembled to the correct position so as not to affect the intake and exhaust and interference with other parts.

Jianghuai Light Truck is powered by Anhui Cummins Jianghuai Light Truck is powered by Anhui Cummins

In addition to production, Ankang draws on the Cummins approach in terms of quality control, establishes the PQC (Product Quality Committee) management process, and organizes teams including technology, quality, manufacturing, procurement, and service to conduct detailed analysis and improvement of quality issues. demand.

At the same time, the MES system applied by Ankang also makes the product "relevant". The China Truck Network reporter learned that the MES system can control the assembly information of the entire production process, and can also upload all the information to the database to realize the data tracking products. For example, the product has problems in the market, and Ankang can immediately call up the product. The status and actual situation at the time of production to quickly find out the cause of the problem. Collecting the vehicle network system data of the whole vehicle, this is a very comprehensive life-cycle product quality control.

Jianghuai Shuailing is equipped with Ankang 152 horsepower engine Jianghuai Shuailing is equipped with Ankang 152 horsepower engine

With the product support of steadily enhanced by Ankang, all the Jianghuai light truck brand platforms have been launched with the development of the National Sixth Power Basic products, with a total of 33 products, and the power is also based on Ankang engines. Jianghuai's Shuailing, Junling, Kangling and other national six models will also be gradually put into the market in the second half of 2019.

JAC Shuailing Q6 Light Truck JAC Shuailing Q6 Light Truck

It is worth mentioning that in the future, Ankang Power will have a penetration rate of 60% in the power of Jianghuai light commercial vehicles. From this figure, we can easily see that the CPs of Jianghuai and Ankang will jointly establish a deeper and broader space for cooperation. In the face of regulations and the market, the support provided by Ankang and the matching upgrades made by Jianghuai Automobile have already played the combination of the CP, and the power of this combination of punches? We wait for the feedback from the market.

Reading volume: Source: Chinese network of truck: Wu Yi

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