High Pressure Air Compressor CNG Compressor CNG Booster CNG Filling Pump (Bx30CNG)


  • Model NO.: BX30CNG
  • Type: Piston
  • Drive Mode: Electric
  • Configuration: Portable
  • Piston Type: Open Type
  • Application: High Back Pressure Type
  • Specification: CE
  • HS Code: 8414809090
  • Hs: 8414809090
  • Performance: Low Noise
  • Power Source: AC Power
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Lubrication Style: Lubricated
  • Trademark: Toplong compressors
  • Origin: China
BX30CNG micro gas compressors mainly by the compressor host driver (motor), interstage cooler, water separator, purification and other processing equipment, as well as pressure display, control and safety devices composed. By coupling the driver when driving the compressor, the electronic switch is automatically opened by the pressure reducing means of natural gas is sucked into the air filter, and then the gas is sucked to the inner level of the cylinder, the crankshaft rotates a ring master cylinder After completing two for power suction and discharge processes, and to output to the level of gas in the cooling circuit, after cooling into the secondary cylinder, is further compressed to a higher pressure to the secondary cooling circuit and into the water separator, cooled and filtered off with compressed gas oil condensate, and then enter the three-cylinder, cooled and filtered off with compressed gas condensate oil, then into four cylinder, compressed to the desired final pressure, re-entering the purification and filtration systems, air filtration system output by more pure compression levels are equipped with high-pressure safety valve host, and with a pressure gauge, pressure controllers, temperature controllers.

Main advantage :

Automatic unloading system: high-power motor start reducing the starting current, reducing the starting load of the unit.
Magnetic starter system: equipped with motor overload, phase, short circuit protection device to protect the motor is working properly.
Set pressure automatic shutdown device: to ensure that you set pressure within the range of work to protect the safety of the operator and the unit, the unit finally become truly make a safety valve barrier
Unit starvation protection system: the machine, such as within the provisions of starvation in the operation, the automatic shutdown protection function, it will automatically shut down in case of lack of oil, oil change or refuel and then start automatically shut down in 10 seconds is a normal phenomenon, we must start more than a few times, if necessary, complete the line of air emissions, which greatly eliminates a major accident due to lack of oil biting axis of seizures.
Automatic monitoring device equipped with phase sequence: When the machine is turned on three-phase power, press the start button does not start, and phase sequence work lights, phase sequence monitoring is at work, you may at any two-phase power line relative transfer to ensure that the machine's steering, cooling the unit will play a crucial role.
Working hours timer recording unit: running time for the recording unit to provide a reliable basis for maintenance to ensure good working conditions and quality of gas supply unit.
High Pressure Air Compressor CNG Compressor CNG Booster CNG Filling Pump (Bx30CNG)
High Pressure Air Compressor CNG Compressor CNG Booster CNG Filling Pump (Bx30CNG)

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