How to repair a small tanker


Refueling vehicles have been widely used in engineering machinery refueling, flow metering and refueling, etc. At the same time, in order to ease oil tension, many individuals have now purchased small refuelling vehicles. This can save fuel costs and is also very convenient, along with purchases. The number of people who are refueling vehicles is gradually increasing. The maintenance of refueling vehicles has become a major concern for people. How about the maintenance of small refuelling vehicles ?


Generally, plastic mats are placed between tanks and car girders of small tankers. Long periods of heavy loading in the tanks can cause looseness of the plastic mats. Therefore, regular U-bolts must be used after refueling vehicles. Tightening, especially new cars must pay attention to this during use.

After a long time of use, the oil tank will produce a lot of sediment. Therefore, the oil tank and the oil delivery system must be regularly cleaned. In particular, the joints on both sides of the oil pipeline should be regularly applied with lubricating oil. It is better to install the joint cover at the interface of the oil tank so as to ensure the cleanliness of the oil pipe.

In order to improve the sealing environment in the tank and improve the service life of the ball valve, the medium through which the ball valve passes must pay attention to regular cleaning. At the same time, the ball valve cannot be in a semi-open half-pipe state for a long time, especially in the process of driving. It is good to be in a closed state.

In order to avoid a fire accident, the exhaust pipe muffler of a small petrol truck is damaged or a pipe leak occurs. If the lead electrode is damaged, do not use metal objects to knock on the fuel tanker. At the same time, the refueling vehicle should be equipped with fire-fighting equipment at any time. If the freezing tank under the oil tank freezes due to the weather in the winter, you cannot use the fire to thaw. It is best to use hot steam to melt or to drive the car to the warm house to melt.

When the refuelling truck is running, the grounding guide of the rear of the vehicle must be in contact with the ground. When the small refueling vehicle is refueling or discharging oil, it must insert the avoidance pole into the tide. This can effectively avoid the occurrence of fire.

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