·Intelligent networked cars have become the commanding heights and competition focus of innovation


Yu Kai, Secretary of the Party Committee of China Automotive Technology and Research Center

The theme of the first phase of this morning's plenary session is “Industrial Management Orientation in the Age of Change”. It aims to explore the reform of the industrial management system and remove the institutional and institutional barriers that restrict innovation and transformation and upgrading, taking into account the profound changes that are taking place in the automotive industry. Improve the countermeasures and ideas of relevant policies and regulations.
When it comes to the changes that are taking place in the industry, yesterday afternoon, leaders from FAW, Changan, Beiqi, Guangzhou Automobile, Brilliance, Volkswagen, Weilai Automobile, China Automobile Association, China Automobile Industry Association, and China Automotive News gathered together to take advantage of TEDA Focus. The new platform, with the "Intelligent Networked Cars" as the entry point, made in-depth discussions on the "Understanding and Thinking of Enterprise Positioning" and "The Power and Direction of the Integration and Development of the Automobile Industry" in the era of intelligent networking. Intelligent networked vehicles have become the commanding heights of the automotive industry's technological innovation and the focus of market competition, and will accelerate the reshaping of the industry. Building the core advantages in the field of intelligent networked vehicles and building a strong automobile country is an important support for promoting the manufacturing industry from large to strong, and is also an inherent requirement for achieving the goal of "two hundred years". Here, I would like to inform my colleagues about the consensus reached at the meeting to interpret the theme of the era of change.
First, as a product of industrial innovation and integration development, intelligent networked vehicles represent the mainstream direction of industry development. We believe that innovation-driven, market demand and policy orientation are the three major forces driving industrial development. Intelligent networked vehicles have three endowments, which help to achieve industry focus and will surely develop rapidly. In terms of innovation, intelligent networked vehicles are the product of multi-field integration and cross-industry collaboration, providing a platform and carrier for innovation and upgrading for traditional enterprises. In the market, intelligent networked vehicles are promoting the diversification of vehicle functions and usage scenarios. Internet technology restructures the service model around customer needs; policy, automotive product management, road traffic management and other policies will face the necessary adjustments. The transformation of industry into the field of intelligence is both an irresistible trend and a top priority.
Second, intelligent networked vehicles not only have an impact on the existing systems in the automotive industry, but also a rare opportunity for industrial transformation and upgrading. We believe that in the next 10-20 years, automotive products will gradually become a smart living carrier that integrates multiple attributes such as travel, communication and energy storage. Automobile production basically realizes intelligent manufacturing and green manufacturing. Large-scale and personalized customized production has become a trend. New consumption models such as car sharing and time-sharing are widely accepted; emerging industries such as information technology will be deeply integrated with the automobile industry, and the coordinated development of related industries will become a trend. The new market demand, product attributes, production methods and business models will reshape the industrial value chain and bring rare historical opportunities to the transformation and upgrading of China's automobile industry. However, the new round of industrial changes also poses serious challenges to the strategic decision-making, innovation capability and operational efficiency of China's auto companies.
In the face of change and opportunities, we propose the following countermeasures:
First, respond positively and treat it scientifically. All automobile companies and Internet companies should face up to the development of the intelligent network of the automotive industry, respond with an open vision, an inclusive mindset, and innovative thinking, face changes, unwavering, unremitting, and blindly follow the path of scientific planning and development. Innovate to build a new type of automobile enterprise.
Second, they are inclusive and learn from each other. Traditional auto companies should strengthen their mechanisms and cultural innovations, and learn the business philosophy of Internet companies based on users and their consumption experiences. Internet companies should also learn from traditional auto companies to pay attention to the solid accumulation of product functions, quality and safety, and learn from each other. Continuously enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.
Third, step by step, pragmatic planning. All enterprises should first do basic research, improve the technical level, promote the development of new technologies, accelerate the transformation of thinking methods and decision-making methods, and focus on user needs, and do excellent products and services.
Fourth, improve the regulations and standards. Create a policy and regulatory environment conducive to the development of intelligent networked vehicles, gather industry power, build intelligent networked automotive standard system in about 5 years, and strive to form an international lead in some areas.
Focus on TEDA, unite the TEDA consensus, and bring together TEDA wisdom. Leaders and distinguished guests, the above is the preliminary consensus of yesterday's meeting. It is intended to guide everyone to think more deeply around the theme, and I look forward to your dedication to more wisdom and vision for the development of China's auto industry!

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