Interim Measures for the Management of Phosphate Ore Dressing Operation in Yiling District


For the comprehensive development and utilization of low-grade phosphorus ore in Yiling District, to promote mining enterprise layer exploitation, adopting both rich and poor, to fully utilize and conserve resources, promote the healthy development of the mineral industry, to strengthen the concentrator ore procurement, transportation and phosphorus in fine The management of each link, such as mine exit, specializes in the provisional management of this management.

1. The District Phosphorus Management Office established the Mineral Processing Management Office, which is responsible for the unified organization and coordination of the development of the phosphate ore dressing industry in the whole district. The operation and management of the ore dressing plant implements the supervisory resident system. The Yiling District Phosphate Mine Supervision and Management Station arranges personnel to be supervised by the factory. It is mainly responsible for the supervision of low-grade raw ore into the factory, concentrates and tailings.

Second, mineral processing ore supply management

1. The raw ore required by the ore dressing plant shall be applied for the annual mining plan from the district phosphorus management office and the district land and resources bureau at the beginning of each year according to the requirements of the mineral processing technology.

2. The mineral ore selected for the ore is mined by each phosphate mining enterprise according to the medium and low grade mining plan approved by the land and resources department, and is supplied on the basis of the nearest and voluntary principle.

3. The mineral processing plant and the mining company fully negotiated and signed the contract for the sale. The purchase and sale contract is in triplicate, one for the mining company and the concentrating plant, and one for the Phosphorus Management Office.

4. The original ore required by the ore dressing plant shall be planned and purchased. According to the contract and production demand, the monthly mining plan will be submitted to the district phosphorus management office. After the approval of the district phosphorus management office, the ticket will be issued. The concentrator will report the production to the phosphorus pipe office on a monthly basis. Report.

Third, the ore processing plant raw ore supply ticket management

1. The ore mining of the ore dressing plant is subject to quasi-transport management. The ore-mining factory must use the "Order-order of low-grade phosphate rock products in Yiling District", one car and one ticket. The mine will follow the ticket and the ticket will go with the car. It is strictly forbidden for the mining company to lend, exchange and resell the special ticket.

2. The “Land-grade Phosphate Mineral Products Consignment List in Yiling District” is uniformly printed by the District Phosphorus Management Office, with one type of four links. The first joint is the depositing association of the mining enterprises, and the second is the district phosphorus management office. Sanlian is the depositor of the mineral processing plant, and the fourth is the freight settlement.

3. According to the purchase and sale contract and the monthly ore amount approved, the district phosphorus management office will issue the ticket according to the principle of directional supply and rolling invoice.

Fourth, the ore processing plant raw ore into the plant, transportation and yard management

1. The raw ore must enter the concentrating plant for on-site sampling by special class. Phosphate ore with P2O5 content less than 24% can be allowed to be shipped.

2. When the raw ore enters the factory, the supervisor supervises the overweight, establishes the registration account at the mine supply point, registers in detail, reports it monthly, and randomly samples the ore being transported.

3. The ore that enters the yard must be put into production on the premise that the sampling test results are not exceeded.

4. The supervisor assists the relevant departments in the work of limiting the load of medium and low grade ore and tailings transportation. The net weight of ore per vehicle shall not exceed 14 tons. The village home of Sui Cun Ping Town (squadron) strengthened the supervision of the whole process of transportation.

5. The ore mine enters the yard of the ore dressing plant, and the ore dressing plant sorts the ore collected according to different mining enterprises, different work areas and different wellheads.

6. The yard is closed management. The time for transporting the ore into the concentrating plant is 8:00-20:00 every day. The yard rails are locked, and the keys are kept by the resident supervisor. In special circumstances, it is necessary to open the pole. The supervisor shall be locked in time after unlocking, and the supervisor shall not entrust others to handle it for any reason.

Five, concentrate management

1. The resident supervisor is responsible for randomly checking the raw ore sample, tailings and phosphate concentrate samples to calculate the phosphorus concentrate output ratio.

2. Phosphorus concentrates are selected from the “Petite Concentrates of Phosphorus Products in Hubei Province” with the “Special Seal for Phosphate Concentrates”, and the supervisors make detailed factory registration records, including the factory time, ticket number, and car. No. and tonnage; when the phosphate concentrate is discharged from the supervision and management station, the pilots approve the refined phosphate mine to ensure accuracy.

3. The time for transporting the phosphate concentrate from the concentrator is 8:30-20:00 every day.

Sixth, the ore dressing plant selected for the original mine sampling management

1. Before the mining company is shipped, the land and resources bureau, the resident supervisor, the mining company and the concentrator representative will conduct on-site sampling at the pit, register the detailed address of the original mine enterprise and the wellhead, and comprehensively grasp the color and grade of the ore. The party will keep it on the registration form, and the land and resources bureau will report the test results to the district phosphorus management office, and the backup sample will be sent to the district phosphorus management office for storage. The sampling and management of the pit ore directly into the concentrator production shall be carried out by random sampling. The specific operation method shall be formulated separately.

2. The Land and Resources Institute (squadron) randomly samples the transported ore during transportation and promptly reports the results to the district phosphorus management office.

3. When the original mine enters the factory, the supervisor will randomly sample and send the inspection with the vehicle, and promptly feedback the sampling result.

4. The raw ore enters the yard and is sampled and sent for inspection at the yard by supervisors and representatives of the concentrator. The samples are confirmed by the representatives of the concentrator, the supervisor and the laboratory technician. The test samples are divided into four parts, one for the mineral processing plant, one for the mineral processing plant, one for the supervisor, and one for the phosphorus management office. In the event of a grade dispute, the Phosphorus Management Office will prepare the stock for testing and the results of the test as the final result (the retention period is six months).

5. The resident supervisors strengthen the daily supervision of raw ore belt samples, tailings supervision samples, and concentrates, and make records, find abnormal conditions, and report to the district phosphorus management office in time.

Seven, tailings management

1. The tailings of the ore dressing plant should be safely piled up in strict accordance with the relevant requirements, so as to prevent environmental pollution and mudslides caused by littering.

2. The tailings of the tailings pond shall not be allowed to flow out privately. If there is special use, it shall be reported to the district phosphorus management office for approval and shall be implemented as required.

3. The wastewater generated by the ore dressing plant should be treated according to environmental protection requirements, and the recycling level should be continuously improved.

Eight, the concentrator report management

1. The concentrating plant supervision site will report the previous month's report to the office of the phosphate mine supervision and management station on the 1st of every month. The data of the three points of the concentrating plant supervision site, the concentrating plant and the concentrating plant corresponding to the concentrating plant must be strictly checked to ensure accurate matching.

2. The phosphate mine supervision and management station will report to the district phosphorus management office before the 5th of each month, the raw ore into the plant, the phosphate concentrate and the grade supervision statistics.

Nine, violation of punishment

1. If the mining company transfers or resells the special ticket, it will provide convenience for the “black mine” to enter the concentrating plant. Once it is verified, it will be shut down.

2. The ore dressing factory illegally acquired high-grade phosphate rock, “black mine”, purchased the original ore without special class sampling, opened the ore mine yard rod without authorization, and illegally discharged the tailings out of the ore dressing plant. Once verified, the suspension of raw ore supply was implemented. The phosphate concentrate was shipped out of the country and ordered to be rectified.

3. The ore dressing plant uses the phosphate concentrate ticket to transport the original ore and the phosphorus concentrate transportation vehicle with the original ore exit, and the ore is confiscated and its phosphate concentrate is stopped for export.

4, resident supervisors, raw ore sampling related personnel, malpractices, eating, taking, card, and, once verified, in accordance with relevant regulations.

X. The Interim Measures shall be implemented from April 1, 2008. The original “Interim Measures for the Management of Beneficiation and Operation of Yihua Huaguoshu Concentrator” (Yi Pho Pipe Management [2006] No. 2) shall be abolished at the same time.


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