Allocated to a mine (or open pit) coal mining that part of the field, that of Ida (mine field).
The determination of the size of the mine field, the production capacity of the mine and the service life of each mine is one of the key issues that must be solved in the overall design of the mine.
The minefield range refers to the horizontal projection width of the length and tendency of the coalfield coal seam strike.
The coal field is divided into minefields. According to the requirements of the overall task book of the mining area, combined with the occurrence of coal seams, geological structures and mining technical conditions, each minefield has reasonable dimensions and boundaries, so that all parts of the coalfield can be reasonably obtained. Development.

1.U Type High Strength Anchor Shackles 

In the construction for supporting or traction steel rope connection and other tools.


Working load limit permanently shown on every shackle
Forged,Quenched and Tempered with Alloy pins;
Maximum proof load is 2.2 times working load limit;
Minimum Ultimate load is 6times working load limit;
Galvanized or Hot dip galvanized or self colored.

Connectors---High Strength Shackles

2.High Strength Cable Pulling Swivel connector

* It is suitable for connecting the wire rope and the net sleeve connecting the wire rope in the transmission line, and releasing the twisting force of the wire rope.

* it is made of alloy tool steel, with high strength and light weight, which can be easily passed through pulleys and tension machines, tractors and other equipment.

High Strength Cable Pulling Swivel Connectors

3.Anti-Bends Connectors Applied To Electric Power Construction

*Suitable for the connection of towing operation with no twisting wire rope.
*Small volume,light weight,can smoothly through the corners,pulley,tension machine,traction machine.

*Application:Anti- bends Connector  is suitable to traction of connecting anti-twisting wire rope.

*Features:High strength, light weight, and good looking.

It can smoothly go through the machine traction pulley and the tension machine.

Anti-Bends Connectors


U Type Connectors,U Type Shackle,High Strength U Type Shackle,U Type Shackle For Wire Rope

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