Metal detector door installation environment affects the level of sensitivity


Through many years of experience in installing metal detection doors on site, we know that the environment is also an important factor that affects the sensitivity of metal detection doors. Different geographical locations and climates also affect the installation of doors. For example: The last hospital purchased our medical metal detection door. A problem was found at the time of on-site installation. What caused the installation to be unstable. The inspection was eventually found to be affected by underground hot air pipes. Our installers quickly solved this problem. All our products are metal detection doors with strong anti-interference and stability.
The main task of metal detection doors is to use magnetic induction and infrared sensing. Therefore, it is required that no other metal detection items be placed around the metal detection door. At least 50 cm away from the metal detector door. The outside influence of the indoor metal detection door and the outdoor metal detection door is not the same. The indoor metal detection door is relatively small due to external factors, so the detection sensitivity is relatively high. Outdoor? It will also be affected by the climate and topography. If it is affected by the wind, wind energy will affect the magnetic field of the metal detection gate. Even if the strong wind changes the magnetic field, a random alarm phenomenon will occur. In order to solve this problem we can only reduce the sensitivity and wavelength of the metal detection gate. As a result, fine metal cannot be detected. There is also terrain, where metal detection doors must have horizontal ground. As far as possible, do not receive the vibrations from the side, which will affect the situation of the metal detector door.
The above situation reflects the installation environment is also a top priority. It is necessary to consider environmental factors before installing the metal detector door. Excluding these factors, the installation is basically no problem.

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