Root Analysis System - Root Scanning Analysis System Based on Image Recognition Technology


The roots of plants are the most important part of plants. Generally speaking, healthy plants have sound and large plant roots. Because the roots of plants are buried deep underground and have complex structures, it is much more difficult to study than the aerial parts of plants. However, with the development of image recognition technology, it is possible to use image recognition technology to identify and analyze plant roots. The root analysis system is a root-scanning analysis system developed for image rooting based on image recognition technology. The application of this instrument greatly promotes the development of root research.

Plants absorb nutrients and water in the soil through plant roots, and only with large plant roots can help plants get the nutrients and water they need and support their growth. If the plant roots are damaged, not only will they appear. Absorbs barriers and increases the risk of pests infecting roots. Therefore, it is precisely because the roots of plants are so important to plants that modern agricultural fields need to strengthen research on plant roots. The study of plant roots often begins with the measurement of root morphology, including root length, root mean diameter, total root area, total root volume, etc., and we know that the roots of plants are large and complex, and it is not necessary to accurately measure these data parameters. simple. Fortunately, there is a root analysis system, which provides important technical support for root measurement work, greatly improving work efficiency and measurement accuracy.

The advantage of the root analysis system based on image recognition technology is obvious. Through the root scan, the image of the plant root system will appear on the computer screen. With the software for analysis and processing, the desired measurement data can be obtained, which is very simple and efficient, and the system It also supports data export and presents the results in various forms, making the presentation of the results more intuitive. This root-scanning analysis system based on image recognition technology provides a reliable and efficient measurement method for modern root research, which is worthy of promotion and application. .

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