The construction of drying center in Guannan made the economic weak village increase production and increase income.


According to the purpose of further promoting the mechanization of food production, the initiative of Guannan Innovation, through the construction of a drying center, not only solves the problem of less drying equipment at the primary level, but also increases the collective economic income of the economically weak village. What's more, even if it is a continuous rainy day, there is no need to worry about problems such as moldy food, which greatly facilitates the people.

“This year, spring glutinous rice is harvested one week earlier than in previous years. In the past, it was a fearful rainy day when it came to autumn harvest.” On the 15th, Zhou Zhaojian, a major grain producer in Bailu Township, Guannan County, told reporters that the township agricultural cooperatives had purchased large scale products. After the dryer, you no longer have to worry about food mildew. This year, a large variety of wheat from Bailu Town was harvested and transported to agricultural machinery cooperatives. The drying fee was 5 cents per catty, which greatly facilitated the masses.

The initiative of Guannan Innovation Work, building a drying center in the demonstration counties for poverty alleviation work, not only solves the problem of less drying equipment at the primary level, but also increases the collective economic income of the weak economic village. This year, the county has invested 14 million yuan, built 9 drying centers in 10 economically weak villages, added 56 new dryers, and built 16,000 square meters of high-standard factory buildings. The Weiguo Agricultural Machinery Service Cooperative, Hezhuang Village, Sankou Township, the county was established in 2013 and owns more than 30 agricultural machinery and equipment. The Hehong Village Haihong Drying Center belongs to poverty alleviation support projects. With the use of dryers, it will not only reduce food losses caused by rainy weather, but also make grain quality meet national standards and sell at a good price.

Since the establishment of a mechanized model county for food production, Guannan has focused on three major grain crops, namely rice, wheat, and corn, focusing on such key links as arable land, planting, plant protection, harvesting, drying, and straw processing, cultivating service providers, and optimizing technical routes. At present, Guannan has reached the standard requirements for mechanized demonstration of food production.

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