The influence of CNC system on cutting machine industry


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Recently, the European machine tool manufacturers used the opportunity of the depreciation of the euro to increase their orders in the international market. The competition between Japanese and European machine tools has intensified. In order to compete with European companies, Japanese large-scale machine tool manufacturers have stepped up efforts to increase production efficiency, substantially upgrade production equipment and increase production workshops.
Japan's major machine tool maker Jinshang Precision Machine Tool Co., Ltd. plans to invest 1 billion yen in February to upgrade basic production equipment, increase production capacity by two times, and increase Niigata's factory area by 1 time from the current 6,400 square meters to improve machine tool assembly. effectiveness. Another large-scale machine tool manufacturer OKUMA plans to invest 7 billion yen to establish a new workshop for new equipment at the Aichi Prefectural Plant to further increase production efficiency. Mori Seiki Co., Ltd. invested 8 billion yen to build a machine tool parts processing and assembly plant in Mie Prefecture, and it will start operating in February. It is expected that the production capacity will increase by 20%.
It is reported that in 2011, Japanese machine tools accepted domestic and foreign orders totaling 1,326.1 billion yen, an increase of 35.5 percent, of which overseas orders accounted for 68.2, amounting to 904.5 billion yen, a year-on-year increase of 34.8, and hitting a record high for four years. In terms of country, the largest amount of orders from China was 327.8 billion yen, which was a year-on-year increase of 29.6, followed by India and Thailand, and orders from Asia accounted for 56 of overseas orders.
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Thrust roller bearings


Thrust roller bearings includes self-aligning thrust roller bearings, tapered roller thrust bearings, cylindrical roller thrust bearings and needle roller thrust bearings.


1. 29000 type thrust self-aligning roller bearings, this type of bearings can carry both axial and radial load in which mainly is axial load. And it has low friction coefficient and fine self-aligning property. The roller of this bearing is unsymmetrical spherical roller, which can reduce relatively slip between roller and raceway in the operating. Also the long roller has big diameter and much quantity, so the load capacity is high. Generally it adopts oil lubrication, but under low speed circs will be grease lubrication.

NXZ mainly produce the following structures:

2.80000 type thrust cylindrical roller bearings and 90000 type thrust tapered roller bearings, this type can accommodate single-direction axial load, they have much higher axial carrying-capacity than thrust Ball Bearings; in additional, they have high rigidity and take up smaller space.. The thrust cylindrical roller bearings are applied in operation with low rotation speed; the rotation speed of thrust tapered roller bearings is a little higher than thrust cylindrical roller bearings.

3.350000 type double-directions thrust tapered roller bearings (SKF code), this type can accommodate larger double-direction axial load.

4. TTSV and TTSX type thrust full tapered roller bearings used on pressing-down device of mill, this type is full complement roller, can accommodate larger single-direction axial load.

Cage materials

Brass, brozen or steel solid cages are adopted.

Permissible tilt angle

The bearing axis of thrust tapered roller bearings and thrust cylindrical roller bearings are not permitted to be inclined. The bearing axis of thrust self-aligning Roller Bearing is permitted to be inclined, when the equivalent static load P0a≤0.05C0a, and when the shaft washer is slewing, the permissible tilt angle is: 

Bearing series   Permissible tilt angle

292 series        1.5°

293 series          2°

294 series        2.5°

The permissible tilt angle will decrease with the increase of the load.

Minimum axial load

When the bearings are slewing, as the rolling bodies are acted by centrifugal moment, the rolling bodies will slid with reference to the raceway, which will cause the shaft washer and housing washer to be separated. In order to ensure the normal operation of the bearings, certain axial load must be put on the bearing. The minimum axial load required is:  

Thrust tapered roller bearings and thrust cylindrical roller bearings


Thrust self-aligning roller bearings


In the equation: Famin   Minimum axial load (kN)

             Fr        Radial load (kN)

             C0a    Basic static load rating (see bearing dimension table) (kN)

             A     Minimum load constant (see bearing dimension table)

             n      Rotational speed (r/min)

When the actual load acted on a bearing is less than the minimum axial load computed, a spring or other measures must be used to preload the bearing.

Dynamic equivalent axial load

Pa=Fa        (Thrust tapered roller bearings and thrust cylindrical roller bearings)

When Fr≤0.55Fa      Pa=Fa+1.2Fr    (Thrust self-aligning roller bearings)

Static equivalent axial load

        P0a=Fa         (Thrust tapered roller bearings and thrust cylindrical roller bearings)

When Fr≤0.55Fa   P0a=Fa+2.7Fr   (Thrust self-aligning roller bearings)

Thrust Roller Bearing

Thrust Spherical Roller Bearing,Thrust Spherical Roller Bearing,Thrust Tapered Roller Bearing,Full-Type Tapered Roller Thrust Bearing

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