The Predictive Advantages of Intelligent Pest Forecast Lamps for Chinese Herbal Medicine Pests in Beijing Suburbs


The structure of the farming industry in the suburbs of Beijing has been continuously adjusted, the development speed of Chinese herbal medicines has been alarming, and the planting area has also been continuously expanding, and there are many types of Chinese herbal medicines planted. This has led to the constant occurrence of new pests and diseases. If more chemical pesticides are used, it will directly affect the quality and sales of Chinese herbal medicines, thus affecting farmers' income. To this end, smart insect report lamps were installed at the base of Chinese herbal medicines to apply them to pest monitoring and reporting of Chinese herbal medicines, and to improve the accuracy of monitoring and reporting of pests of Chinese herbal medicines.

Through the intelligent insect report light traps, it is possible to grasp the initial stage of adult emergence and fecundity of certain pests, and to generate algebras each year, which can timely and accurately predict the occurrence of pests and suppress the harm of explosive pests. Such as: Small tigers in the investigation of medicinal herbs, the emergence of the beginning of June 1st, the emergence of the peak period of June 5-20, the moth peak sunrise is now June 11, according to the number of insects estimated medicinal ground tiger To happen lightly, in line with the actual situation, to improve the accuracy of the forecasting.

Intelligent insect report light is designed to use far-infrared pests, automatic drying, insects are not easy to destroy, can provide accurate identification of insect species, specimens to provide protection. Compared with the conventional use of poisonous bottles, dichlorvos, and other poisonous insects, it will not cause human harm to pest reporters or cause environmental pollution. And do not have to switch lights per d, according to the work schedule, take 1 insect every 7d, to reduce the labor intensity of the staff. Through the application of intelligent insect report lamp, an average of 1000 insects can be hunted and killed per d to reduce the amount of eggs laid by adults, thus reducing the harm to the crops of the next generation of larvae, thereby reducing the number of chemical pesticides used and reducing pesticide pollution. It has improved the ecological environment and increased the ecological and social benefits.

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