These four products exhibited by Shandong Lingong meet all your fantasies about excavators!


From September 4th to 7th, 2019, the biennial BICES 2019 will be held in grand. As the main force of the construction machinery exhibition, the excavator has attracted a lot of attention and it is inevitable that it will be dazzled. Shandong Lingong has assembled four representative excavator products to form the “BICES 2019 Excavator Team”, which will help you to experience the full essence of the excavator products.

Micro-drilling representative - ER616F body compact "hard core intelligence"

With the experience and advanced technology of Volvo in micro-excavation, Shandong Lingong has created a series of micro-digging products with unique features, reliable performance, flexible operation, energy-saving and high efficiency, and easy maintenance. The ER616F excavator exhibited at this exhibition is one of the masterpieces.

ER616F no tail

The ER616F not only combines low noise, low emissions and low fuel consumption. Moreover, the value of the burst is accurate, the control is powerful, the power is strong, the flexibility is comfortable, and the “hard core” connotation is contained under the compact body.

Streamlined design, high-strength double T-shaped structure, tailless design, telescopic chassis, multi-pump throttling control system, working device with swing arm function and other product features together to create the ER616F, not only strong carrying capacity, The load distribution is uniform, and the control is precise, the telescopic flexibility is flexible, and the construction can be performed with ease in a narrow space.

Small digging representative - E655F multi-purpose word of mouth

Shandong Lingong E655F excavator, which has been highly praised since its listing, is a star product of Shandong Lingong. The E655F not only has a compact and sturdy body design, but also has the power and digging power that small excavators are proud of.

As a 6-ton small excavator, the E655F is equipped with an internationally renowned brand engine, load sensing control system, lightweight chassis structure, reinforced work unit, and a wide-profile tube frame cab with quick change and quick change. A variety of attachment configurations can be widely used in construction companies, gardens, rural land remediation, municipal and urban infrastructure, road water conservancy construction and other conditions. It fully meets the user's need for flexible, mobile and versatile equipment.

Dig in the representative - E6225F no fear of challenge

mountain Dongfanggong E6225F excavator is a core product jointly developed by Shandong Lingong and the world famous excavator brand after three years of research on the Chinese market.

In the face of earthworks, the E6225F can be easily operated, efficient and accurate. For mine operations, the E6225F can also be challenged without fear and combat. It is a double expert who is suitable for both earthwork and stonework!


The E6225F is adaptable to a variety of harsh conditions and is inseparable from its refined design philosophy. The combination of a high-strength chassis, heavy-duty work equipment, a unique positive-flow hydraulic system, and the powerful "heart" of the Deutz SD60B engine has enabled the E6225F to capture a number of "loyal fans."

Large digging representative - the E6500F does not bear the heavy burden of the mine

The high-end configuration and carefully manufactured E6500F excavator of Shandong Lingong has a weight of 49,500 kg. It is advanced in the industry in terms of fuel consumption, efficiency, safety, reliability and comfort.

The E6500 inherits European technology. The core components such as engines and pumps are sourced from world-renowned brands. The machine has excellent performance and reliable quality. At the same time, the E6500F is located in the mine heavy-duty excavator. It is equipped with the SD130A low-speed, high-torque Tier3 engine. The working device adopts the mine-specific stick, which has strong power, large digging force and low fuel consumption. It can be widely used in large scale. The mining conditions, large-scale infrastructure projects and other working conditions fully meet the requirements of the construction party for high reliability of equipment.

With the excellence of the manufacturing process and good customer reputation, Shandong Lingong E6500F excavator won the TOP50 award of China Construction Machinery Annual Product in 2019, which is the glory of Shandong Lingong.

Whether it is for earthwork or stone, whether it is for municipal or forestry mines, this BICES exhibition, the four ingenuity exhibited by Shandong Lingong will surely satisfy all your expectations and fantasies about the excavator.

Want to see the style of these star products?

Exhibition venue Beijing International Convention and Exhibition Center (new hall)

We will meet you at S222 (outdoor pavilion).

(This is from Shandong Lingong)

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