This Mercedes-Benz has installed a car money! Truck modification mobile vault


According to foreign media reports, a German bank purchased a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 316 CDI. After modification, they turned the car into a mobile bank. According to the bank’s staff, this bank car is mainly for the convenience of users in remote areas to meet their daily needs.


From the exterior, the chassis of the Sprinter 316 CDI is 205mm lower than the standard version. The lower chassis height is more convenient for those who come to work every day. In addition, due to the amount of cash stored in the car, the car body uses special bullet-proof materials and several surveillance cameras are installed in the car. The loading of the GPS positioning system is also to ensure that if an accident occurs, the police can quickly find the location of the vehicle.


Although it is only a small closed truck, users can do all the banking business on it. This is thanks to the roof-mounted satellite receiver, which can connect it to the bank's database and operate off-site. In addition, there are washbasins and toilets in the car for use by staff.


In terms of power, the Sprinter 316 CDI is powered by a four-cylinder diesel engine capable of outputting 163 horsepower. Occasionally, it travels to remote mountainous areas and it is sufficient for climbing. It is worthy of recognition that all the office communication equipment, lights and air conditioners in the vehicle are powered by lithium-ion batteries and do not require additional power generation devices, making them more environmentally friendly.

Since last November, the Sprinter 316 CDI has been in operation. The staff who drove the car said that the car was very comfortable to drive and that the various facilities were sufficient to meet the current work needs. Both he and his colleagues were very satisfied with this.

The GYQS1500E Road Sweeper is mainly applied to get rid of the solid foreign matters such as the bleeding cement and soil clod on the pavement path of road and bridge, and brush the dust away, as well as clean adhesive layers. Its nylon brush is alternative for routine road cleaning.

Technical Parameters
Model GYQS1500E
Overall power 26 KW/2000 rpm
Sweeping width 1700 mm
Brush dia 480 mm
Brush rotation speed 300 rpm
Brush carrier swing angel ±15°
Blower rotation speed 200 rpm
Moving speed 0-15 km/h
Water tank volume 125 L
Air conditioner cool only
Fuel consumption 4 L/10000m2
Weight 2100 kg
Dimensions 4450×1920×2700 mm

Brushes made of various materials are interchangeable for different working conditions.
Water spraying and dusting device is installed in the front of brush housing.

1. The streamlined cabin of the road sweeper owns strong and stable structure, good sealing and sound insulation performance, equipped with integrated overhead air conditioner, makes a comfortable and safe operation environment.
2. This machine is regular tricycle structure of automated ground drive, which concentrates mechanical unit, electrical unit and hydraulic unit all in one, with features of novel, brief, light and flexible structure.
3. Key parts of hydraulic unit are all from the famous manufacturer in the world, such as complete hydraulic transmission, brushing and traveling of infinite variable speed.
4. Hydraulic swing device can swing no more than 15 degrees to left and right and shoot out the collected matters directionally.
5. Optional side brush is easy to be installed and detached, for sweeping the dead corners formed by curbstones and road barriers.
6. Hydraulic lifting device and adjustor will get the brush holder within the upper and lower limits, and freely adjust the sweeping force.
7. Hydraulic steering system is flexible and convenient.
8. The air inlet of engine air filtering system is highly mounted with pre-filter, and the dry and wet composite desert air filter with two-stage filtration keeps the engine longer service life.
9. Steel brush of the road sweeper is made by special processing technology, which will effectively brush the impurities on the pavement powerfully, with advantages of high level of mechanization and good brushing performance. 
10. Dash panel with brush pushing-down scale indicator on the right side can show the brush pushing-down scale value and contact face area with ground for a better work of the brush.
11. Strong wind produced by blower system will blow the impurities and dust away directionally to improve the pavement cleanness and effectively improve working efficiency, which provide reliable safeguards for the next construction procedure, especially for the construction technology which requires high viscosity.
12. The electrical control system of the road sweeper applies components meeting the standard of automobile industry; electrical master control box with optimized circuit protects the electrical components if any faults and makes itself easy to repair and maintain.

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Road Sweeper

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