Want to do cold chain, how can I not know the price of 15 meters refrigerated truck


In the current e-commerce fresh market, the cold chain is particularly important. A cost-effective refrigerated truck will provide you with the best transport efficiency and the safest cold preservation effect. Compared with other small refrigerators , it is large. What is the situation of the refrigerated truck in terms of quotation? Let's take a look at the quotes of the 15m refrigerated trucks.

In general, the most critical and most valuable part of the 15-meter refrigerated truck quotation is three parts: a professional car chassis, a special insulated car body, and a refrigeration refrigeration unit. Different configurations will affect the effectiveness of the 15-meter refrigerated truck, and the relative prices will vary. What is the price of a 15-meter refrigerated truck?

Let's take a look at the professional chassis of the 15-meter refrigerated truck: On the highway, the chassis of the large-tonnage refrigerated truck is very important. When a good-performance refrigerated truck is on the highway, it can not only provide the efficiency of cargo transportation. It can also provide better, more stable and more efficient power to refrigeration equipment. With the consideration of the quotation of the 15-meter refrigerated truck, if you have to consider changing the car, when the old car is used, the professional chassis with a good price/performance ratio can guarantee a lower depreciation rate. Be sure to pick the right professional chassis when purchasing.

15 meters refrigerated truck offer? Let's take a look at the 15m refrigerated car body material, from the material point of view above, basically similar to the sandwich sandwich material, and different materials in different preservation, insulation, thermal insulation performance is also different, the most widely used in the current market It is used inside and outside the box to use glass fiber reinforced plastic. In the center of the sandwich is imported polyurethane styrofoam, with a thickness of 6-10 cm.

Finally, look at the refrigeration unit of the 15-meter refrigerated truck, which can be divided into deep-cooled and fresh-keeping units. Relatively speaking, the cryogenic units require high cooling performance and the price is relatively expensive. The cryogenic unit has the characteristics of simple structure, easy operation and reliable operation, low energy consumption, large cooling capacity, low noise and easy installation and maintenance. An extremely efficient refrigeration unit is extremely sensitive to the 15 meter refrigerated truck quotation.

About 15 meters refrigerator car quotes, but also the needs of the majority of owners combined with their own needs and economic budget, before ordering a lot to understand the different configurations, different brands of price and performance comparison, different brands, different series, different configurations will affect the 15 meters of refrigeration Car quotes, only to fully understand the composition of the 15-meter refrigerated truck quotes, in order to be able to know ourselves, the above is the relevant answer on the 15-meter refrigerated truck quote.

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