What areas is the LCD splicing screen suitable for?


The society is developing, the times are advancing, and LCD splicing screens are becoming more and more popular as people as a trend display terminal product. What kind of field does it apply to? Let's take a look!
First, conferences, training institutions, large teaching classrooms. Ordinary LED large screens are increasingly unable to meet people's needs, because they can only display one picture, and the past is still ambiguous, and many functions are lacking. Using traditional projectors or classroom blackboards in the conference, not only waste time deployment, but also reduce the efficiency of work and study, while LCD splicing screen HD, single and multi-screen use, can achieve many different functions. If you compare, distinguish the corresponding products, topics, etc., you only need to set them in advance, you can freely convert.
Second, catering, hotel display terminal. With the continuous advancement of society, people's demand for dining and hotel environment is also more demanding, which has promoted the continuous growth of the service industry. Only the large-scale service industry with its own cultural characteristics can be invincible. LCD splicing screens showcase their own restaurant or hotel brand culture, image, promotion, entertainment activities, etc., which can attract customers, promote consumption, and promote the popularity of their own brands.
Third, commercial display, media advertising, product display and other display terminals. The application of the LCD splicing screen in the indoor place can satisfy the user's long-term use and work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For the display of the advertising media, the LCD splicing screen displays high brightness and high resolution of the image, and the color balance is just in line with the application requirements of commercial, media advertising and product display. This can greatly stimulate the customer's desire to purchase, so that the exhibits display content is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.
4. Information display terminals for transportation industry such as airports, ports, terminals, subways and highways. These categories belong to the transportation system. The information content to be displayed is very much. If you use the traditional display large screen, not only can you display so much information, but the LCD splicing screen can be spliced, no matter how much information needs to be displayed. All can be displayed through the splicing system, real-time monitoring without dead angle, to ensure that the transportation system is carried out normally and effectively.
Five, entertainment, theater information display terminal. The LCD splicing screen is applied to cinema entertainment venues as a platform for information dissemination. You can post new movie information and new schedules in time by displaying a large screen, and you can also insert ads appropriately. The large display screen plays a super-shocking visual impact. The content of the inserted advertisements is as rich and novel as possible, which can make people feel relaxed. In the ticket sales area of ​​the theater, you can use the large screen of the LCD splicing screen to publish the ticket information, the playlist of the movie, the schedule, and even the weather forecast, so that the customer can understand the relevant information in a timely and comprehensive manner, and reduce the consultation. time. This not only facilitates the customer, but also reduces the pressure on the work of the theater staff, reducing the working hours and workload of the ticket sellers.
6. Mining and energy security monitoring systems. In mining and energy security monitoring systems, security has always been one of the headaches for managers. For the traditional display large screen, the range that can be displayed first is not enough, and the displayed image is not clear. In general, the environment is relatively dark in mines and the like. If the image is not clear, it is difficult to command a safety accident. The high-definition, multi-screen display function of the LCD splicing screen provides a guarantee for the safe production of the mine.
7. Financial and securities information display terminals. Financial securities venues need to display a large amount of instant information on financial securities, and the general traffic in places here is very large, and the environment in such places is relatively large. With a wider viewing angle of the LCD splicing screen, the user can clearly see the content displayed on the screen from multiple directions and multiple angles.
Eight, fire, meteorology, maritime, flood control, traffic hub command system. In the firefighting, meteorological, maritime, flood control, and transportation hub command systems, there is a wide range of needs to be dealt with, and the command center needs to be able to clearly see the contents displayed on the screen so that the manager can make a correct judgment. With the wide range of management features, the single-screen display function of the LCD splicing screen system has played a role.

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