What is the job of the ball mill feeder?


Metal mine beneficiation plant commonly used to mine has three forms: a drum to the mine, spiral to the mine, a joint unit to the mine. The drum type feeder is shaped like a circular drum with two openings. Inside the cylinder, there is a spiral conveying machine. When the ore feeder rotates with the ball mill , the ore is sent into the ball mill along the spiral. The drum type feeder is suitable for adding dry materials to the ball mill, so it is applied more when the ball mill is open for grinding. A spiral feeder (also known as a spoon-type feeder), which is a spiral-shaped spoon with a replaceable spoon at the end of the spiral. A hole in the center of the side of the ore feeder is connected to the hollow shaft of the ball mill to the ore end, and the ore is thus fed into the ball mill. The spiral feeder is divided into three types: single spoon, double spoon and three spoon. The spiral feeder is suitable for wet feeding, and is used in the ball mill and the grading closed-circuit grinding cycle (that is, the ball mill can only install the feeder when the classifier returns to the sand). Combined feeder, which consists of a combination of drum and spiral feeders. It can feed dry ore and feed wet material (return sand from classifier) ​​for the first stage of closed-circuit grinding. In addition, since the combined feeder is easy to add steel balls to the ball mill, it is also used in the second stage of grinding. Relatively speaking, the joint feeder application is more extensive.

Chilled Water Fan Coil
Air flow: 340m3/h-2380m3/h, Cooling capacity: 1800W-12600W

1.Efficient and energy saving
2.Quiet operation
3.Stable and reliable
4.Coil type. 2 pipes 3 rows/4 pipes 3+1 rows/2 pipes 4 rows
5.External static pressure(concealed type Fan Coil)
Standard pressure 12Pa/Medium static pressure 30Pa/High static pressure 50Pa

6.Installation. Concealed in the suspending ceiling/mounted on the wall/on the floor

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Chilled Water Fan Coil

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