What kind of models to buy used cars to choose good


What kind of model is good for buying used cars? Now with the change of people's concept, buying used cars has become the first choice for many car buyers. So where are you buying used cars? Xiao Bian will count them together today.

Buy economical used car

At present, the used cars below RMB 100,000 are less expensive due to small displacement and lower fuel consumption, and the maintenance cost and spare parts cost are not high, and maintenance costs are relatively low. Moreover, although used cars are not cheaper than new cars in terms of taxes, parking fees, but they have advantages in auto insurance. For example, the use of second-hand cars is much cheaper than new cars. During routine maintenance, the maintenance costs of conventional consumables such as oil filters and brake discs are the same, and the difference is mainly reflected in the maintenance of major components such as the engine. For these components, the used car has a long life and it is naturally more difficult to maintain it.

"Transitional choice" should also be chosen

For models in the same price range, consumers themselves have different purchasing purposes and their choices will be different. If you buy a used car is used for the transitional nature of the practice, you can consider 3-5 million used cars, the best years in 5-6 years. This type of vehicle is small and has a large amount of ownership. It is worth noting that it is not so fast afterwards.

Cold car accessories prices may not be high

As we all know, those who choose to buy a used car are the ones who are greedy for cheap cars. However, it is difficult to buy a car and it is difficult for people to maintain a car. The maintenance and repair costs that make people very annoyed have also become an important factor for consumers to consider. It is generally believed that the used car with large market holdings will also be more convenient to repair. And most of the components of such models are very cheap, and the general maintenance points can also be maintained. After the purchase, the maintenance and use costs are low and convenient. However, such market recognition also caused the price of such vehicles to remain high.

In fact, as long as careful observation, the choice of second-hand cars can still be very large, unless the market is very low in the number of brands, in general, accessories and maintenance are guaranteed. After all, after buying a used car with a good condition, the main problem is maintenance rather than repair.

Although the economical used car is economical and its accessories are cheap, how to maintain it properly cannot be ignored. For used cars, it is better to buy provinces than to buy them.

Double Girder Overhead Crane is such that its bridge moves on elevated tracks, also called overhead traveling crane or  Bridge Crane . A bridge has its bridge longitudinally move along the elevated tracks laid at both sides and its carriage laterally move along the tracks laid on the bridge to make a rectangular working scope. In this way, the room below the bridge can be made fully use of while being free of hindrance of equipment on the ground.

It is used together with the Electric Winch . It is a Double Girder Bridge Crane, whose small car is moving on the railway of the main girder. 

Double girder overhead crane

Crane Girder:

The crane girder is of welded girder construction. This result in lower dead weight with a high degree of vertical and horizontal rigidity and small wheel loads being transmitted to the crane runway!

Lifting mechanism -- electric winch :

Electric winch is composed of reducer, brake, motors, drum and trolley frame , which can be mounted on bridge crane , Gantry Crane is to improve labor efficiency, improve working conditions for machinery .

Double girder overhead craneelectric winch for double girder crane

Specification for double Girder Overhead Crane:

Model QD
Rated lifting capacity 32/10 ton
operation method ground control, cabin control
lifting  4m/min
crab traveling 20m/min
trolley traveling 30m/min( ground)  60m/min(cabin)
Lifting 22KW
crab traveling 13*2Kw
trolley tralveling 2.2*2(ground)  3*2(cabin)
electric winch quality drum with reducer
lifting height 9, 12, 18, 24, 30m
span 7.5-22.5m
working duty A5
Power supply 3 phase A.C 50Hz, 380V
trolley track 43kg/m

Components show:

double girder overhead bridge crane

Other Double Girder Crane, your custom sizes are available.

double girder overhead bridge crane

Double Girder Overhead Crane

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