Wireless AP Hotel Wireless Network Coverage Solution


In recent years, hotels have used commercial wireless APs to build wireless networks. The following describes a Fengrunda hotel wireless coverage solution. Wireless access equipment mainly uses ceiling-mounted wireless APs.

I. Wireless network equipment AP deployment

1. All AP devices use built-in high-gain antennas.

2. The wireless signal received by the device at any position in the wireless coverage area does not overlap on the channel;

3. The device can seamlessly roam within the wireless coverage area, and no re-authentication is required during roaming;

4. The tester is responsible for debugging the emission intensity of the signal of the wireless network equipment so that the signal strength of the location of the farthest user can be covered by the Internet.

II. Access Security Schemes and Equipment Functions

1. After the wireless AP passes through a smart switch, it accesses the external network after passing the security authentication device.

2. The security authentication device has MAC filtering, AP security policy distribution, LOG logging and dumping, user identity authentication, AP status monitoring and status analysis.

3. The network and server of the wireless user authentication are isolated from the office LAN, which can ensure that illegal users cannot access the office LAN resources;

4. User authentication includes user name and password and MAC address. This certification is valid in the wireless coverage area;

5. User authentication interface: When the user opens the IE browser and enters any address, a dialog box asking for authentication will pop up automatically. The entered account and password are correct. At the same time, the MAC address of the device can access the wired network in the list.

6. By using WPA authentication, the dynamic and dynamic change of the encryption key increases the security of the unlimited network transmission; WPA encrypts the wireless transmission of data, and can automatically replace the key within minutes;

7. Construction purposes: To achieve full coverage of all buildings, so that all users in the building can obtain Internet services and other application services in the most flexible way, creating a network service environment that fully embodies advanced technologies.

Three. Hotel wireless coverage design to achieve

1. Wireless coverage of rooms and offices For wireless signal coverage of hotel rooms and office floor rooms, APs are directly installed on the interior wall panels of the rooms according to the use of different transmission data links. The attenuation of wireless signals based on the interior walls of the rooms is determined. A single AP covers the number of rooms. According to the attenuation of the signal on the floor of the room floor, it is determined that the AP is deployed on each floor or compartment. The judgment criterion is that the signal strength in the room should not be lower than -75 Dbm, and the user can smoothly watch the online video.

2. Conference room wireless coverage Multi-function conference rooms generally have a larger space, more access users, and require higher user access rates. It is recommended to use multiple RD-W168AP devices with a ceiling or wall mount. Placed.

3. The lobby, restaurants, bars and other wireless coverage of the lobby, restaurants, bars and other scattered space, the user capacity demand is not large, using a single RD-W60AP or RD-W66AP wireless coverage can meet the needs of coverage and user capacity.

4. Wireless coverage in outdoor areas and gardens around the hotel For outdoor areas around the hotel, use the ENH or ENS series to cover wireless signals in outdoor areas and use Mesh technology for wireless data transmission.

4. The specific scheme of the hotel is as follows:

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