ZF Partners with Strategic Partners to Debut 2016 China International Robot Exhibition


The 2016 China International Robot Exhibition (CIROS) was held last week at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. ZF and its strategic partner, Germany Premium Stephan, exhibited and brought a variety of high-precision reducer products for robotic joints and industrial automation industries.
High-precision reducer products High-precision reducer products

Precision reducers for robots are available in four types: modular, fully enclosed, solid shaft, and hollow shaft. It is also possible to pre-assemble flanges for motor attachment (key or coupling) according to customer requirements. In addition, there are pinions. Output, flange output, orthogonal shaft, DELTA special PSH-D type, customized models, etc.

This is the first appearance of this series of products in China. As a leading manufacturer with more than 30 years of experience in the industry, many global well-known robot manufacturing and automation companies are supporting SP and PSC series precision speed reducer products and can provide customized services.

Located in Fujian Xiamen and founded in 1951, XGMA has the production capacity of 40000 loaders, 15000 excavators, 5000 forklifts and 3000 road machinery per year. It is one of the largest construction machinery manufacturing bases in China now. It has been exporting to more than 10 countries and regions, such as the United States, Egypt, Southeast Asia and others.

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