Zheng Shuimu and his LED energy-saving lamps


Plug-in, immersion tin, patch, welding On September 7, in the production workshop of Longyou Yutai Electric Co., Ltd., a LED energy-saving light bulb was produced after a series of processes from the assembly line. Don't look at the appearance and the ordinary energy-saving lamps are not much different, the internal difference can be big. Longyou Yutai Electric Co., Ltd. is located in Lingjiang Industrial Zone. It is a scientific and technological enterprise integrating R&D, production, marketing and service. It specializes in producing and selling commercial lighting LED lights, home decoration LED lights, motorcycle and electric car LED headlights, and electronic energy saving. Series of lighting products such as lamps. General Manager Zheng Shuimu said that the core component of the LED lamp is a semiconductor chip that can directly convert electricity into light, so the heat is not high, and the ordinary energy-saving lamp converts a lot of electric energy into heat energy due to the heat generation, which is wasted. In terms of LED lighting, it is more energy efficient. A LED energy-saving lamp saves 80% of electricity compared to a normal lamp, but its service life is three or four times that of it. At the same time, LED energy-saving lamps have soft light color, high luminous efficiency, low power consumption, long life, safety and environmental protection. And so on. Moreover, with the improvement of technology in recent years, the cost of LED energy-saving lamps has become lower and lower, and has been accepted by more and more ordinary people. It is not surprising that Zheng Shuimu is so clear and unaware of the emerging LED product. As early as 1997, Zheng Shuimu, who graduated from the electronics major, had already begun to contact related industries. Later, Longyou Shuimu Electronics Co., Ltd. was established, mainly engaged in electronic products such as transformers and power supplies. In 2012, Zheng Shuimu and his partner set up Longyou Yutai Electric Co., Ltd. to focus on energy-saving and environmentally-friendly LED energy-saving lamps. Now that the country advocates energy conservation and environmental protection, this industry will inevitably have good development prospects. Zheng Shuimu is full of confidence. In order to produce high-quality LED energy-saving lamps for commercial, home improvement, urban beautification and other fields, the company has invested more than 400,000 to introduce professional equipment to achieve personalized LED energy-saving lamps. .

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